Our product helps UX designers measure
Customer Experiences
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What it measures

A browser-based measurement tool for experts

Web Apps

Anything you can view in a Chrome browser can be measured e.g. prototypes, websites, or enterprise applications.

Mobile Apps

By using a mirroring application and capturing screens we can measure and evaluate mobile experiences.


And, coming soon we're working to offer ability to be able to measure real world in-person experiences from your phone. It's still possible, but its more of a work around.

How it works

Below is more elaboration on some key features to demonstrate measuring experiences.


A brief overview of measuring experiences


Setting a scale and "rules of thumb"


Recommended guidelines to performing an evaluation


The process of creating a report


Exporting and stylizing your report


how did we get here again....

  • 2015-2016


    We productized our own process to perform UX evalutation to make it faster and more collaborative improve the process for UX designers. Well, here it is. Our back of the napkin estimate clocks it in at 50-70% more efficient.

  • August 2016

    Testing and development

    After reviewing with peers in and outside of our network we concept tested the process with companies. Continually we are making incremental changes to improve it and on a shoestring budget. We broke ground and began building it.

  • 2017


    We're broadening the appeal by extending the application beyond ux design to a broader audiences. as well as, fix some things that were just not working.

  • March 2017

    Google Play Store

    The product will be available soon to use and evaluate for free, and there will be priced equitably for interested customers to use.

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